The Black Face Scholarship Fund

The Black Face Scholarship

The Black Face Scholarship is one that will be awarded to two HBCU Students from North Carolina A&T State University (My Alma Matter) and the other recipient being from Clark Atlanta University. This scholarship is meant to prep HBCU Students with the tools they need to succeed as a Black Face in the White Space of corporate America

15% of The Proceeds from The Black Face Brand Merchandise sales will be awarded to the two recipients with a minimum of $500 award for each Scholarship

Each Scholarship will Include:

  • Cash Reward (minimum of $500)
  • Resume Restructure (from 2 experienced Human Resource/Recruiting Professionals)
  • One 30 Minute mock Corporate interview prep session
  • One Hour Mock Corporate interview and feedback session
  • Free Black Face Brand Merchandise swag bag


The Black Face Brand team will get a better under standing of who you are, and your perspective by utilizing this questionnaire. This will count as 25% of your overall score


This Essay will be critical to the evaluation process for the scholarship recipient this will represent 75% of your overall score.

Scholarship recipients will be announced on March 1st 2021

Application Process Below!

Application Process

All applicants must email a word or PDF document to by 11:59pm on December 31st. The application has two parts Part 1 is a Questionnaire (details below) please limit answers to 3 paragraphs max. Part 2 will be an essay. The document should include both the Questionnaire and the essay. Good LUCK!


*Please Include: Name, Major, Hometown, any Organizations you belong to, & Campus involvement.

Answer the following questions and submit them with your essay:

  1. How has your HBCU helped you personally & professionally & why do you think HBCUs are important for the future ?
  2. What is your current view on American Politics?
  3. What can the Millennial and Gen Z Generation do better in the fight for progress and social justice?
  4. What is the most urgent/important issue in society today and why?
  5. Outside of a corporate career or traditional 9-5 jobs what business ideas are you in interested in pursing?


Write a 1-3 page essay on:

Introducing yourself and your story. What does being a black face in a white space mean to you? Why do you deserve this scholarship, and how will you capitalize off of the scholarship if awarded to you?

“12 font – Double Spaced”

Applications open on October 1st and Close January 1st 2020. Winners will be announced on March 1, 2021. Please email all applications to For any questions comment below.

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