Our History

A trendy, sporty look that rhymes with easy-to-wear.

Blackface is a French brand, created in Marseilles, fruit of a dream shared by 2 cousins.

Our history began when Sabine learnt, after consulting a dermatologist, that she could no longer be exposed to the sun without skin protection and appropriate clothing.

Fashion being our mutual passion and at the heart of our profession, the création of Blackface was a foregone conclusion : to link the Marseilles ‘it-girls’ to health and skin protection.

Sabine and Laurie set up Blackface, a reference brand in anti-UV swimwear, sportswear material to return femininity to all those who are concerned with their image.

A material that feels like a second skin, résistant, specially treated not to allow the harmful rays of the sun through and an alliance of colourful fashion accessories, breathes new life into swimwear.

In order to respond best to the needs of our clients, we have created a 100% French product.

From the choice of materials in production to ready-to-wear, it is in Marseilles that our project has been created and developed.

It is in this care for protection and élégance that we invite you to visit our website and boutiques.

Why a Blackface collection?

This collection can only be made in black because through testing ; study has shown that only very dark colours can screen UVB rays, which are responsible for lésions and the destruction of skin cells.

Marrying black and the technical nature of the material (stretch, density, fibers, weight) allows us to have a very strong anti-UV protection, as 98% ofthe sun’s rays are blocked.

Only the accessories and finishings will colour this collection.

A chic, sexy and especially anti-UV product is what we aim for.

So, for all those who can no longer go to the beach, or who do not want to go because they have lost their femininity, slip into your Blackface swimsuit and rejoin us !


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